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Social Media Marketing.

Please include, Objectives, different types of campaigns according to the funnel, different targeting, creatives (ads) and etc.
1 A client wants you guys to market his new super amazing ear muffs for babies. The product is brand new and no one knows about it in the market. So, how do you approach it? What stuff do you do?
Budget 25,000$
2. Another client enters the office; he is selling office space for new high-tech companies. He wants leads. Does not know how, and honestly, doesn’t care what you do. What is the best technique?
Budget: 15,000$
C. Two fashion designers enter your office. Their brand “R-U-Amaze” is aimed to be the a-bomb outfit for women. They make party wear, blending in gymnastics inspiration with a lil’ bit of cutting-edge electronics. They want everything to be glittery and amazing! They want Pzazz, but most of all – they want to sell on their new e-shop that holds over 30 items in the following categories: Leotards, Skirts, Accessories and Makeup. They will do whatever you tell them. So what will it be, and what will you do?
Budget: 5,000$
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