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Economy and Environment


Term Paper Writing Guidelines


In addition to developing students’ analytical and critical thinking skills, research skills, data and information management, and even time management skills, the main goal of writing term paper in this course is to apply the theoretical concepts and modelsof environmental economics to the real-life insights, policies, and decisions. The term paper will focus on a specific issuein the theories of environmental economics in the Canadian, more specifically in the provincial (Ontario) and municipal (GTA) context rather than addressing variousand general country-wide issues at the same time. It should start immediately with analyzing and discussing the given topics (see the Term paper topics). Your analysis, evaluations and critique,and explanations stressing how theoretical models and concepts are applied to real life would be more valuable. It is also very important to discuss the underlying theories, concepts and assumptions.



The term paper should be structured as follows:

  • Title, student and course information (cover page)
  • Introduction
  • Discussion and Analysis (the main content of the term paper)
  • Summary and Conclusion
  • References

The term paper should be in a range of 1500-2000 words(excludingcover page,references, and appendix)and should be typed in Times New Roman with 12 font-size, and double-spaced and should contain separate pages for thecover,references, and appendix, if necessary.

Figures and tables should be inserted in the text where appropriate. If you use material from the web and other sources, this should be cited and the web address should be included in the reference list.APA/MLA format is used for citation and references.

The Term Paper Topics


Student will choose a topic from the following topics, and maximum 4students can choose the same topic. Therefore, the student’s term paper topic will be approved by the instructor on the first-come first-served basis. Please send at least 3 topics in order of your preference to [email protected].

  1. The current environmental issues (except water and air pollution) in Ontario
  1. The current environmental issues in the GTA
  1. Water pollution in Ontario: What are the costs?
  1. Air pollution in Ontario: What are the costs?
  1. Water pollution in the GTA: What are the costs?
  1. Air pollution in the GTA: What are the costs?
  1. Benefits of the Climate Change?
  1. What could be highest cost Canadians pay for the Global warming?
  1. Carbon emissions: Domestic and global policy considerations
  1. What were the effects and consequences of the cap and trade policy in Ontario?
  1. What are the effects of the existing pollution tax in Ontario?
  1. Mining in the Northern Ontario: What are the benefits and costs?
  1. Health benefits of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation


  1. What were (are) the environmental and economic impacts of Hurricane Katrina?
  1. What are the benefits and costsCosmetic Pesticides Ban?
  1. What were (are) the environmental and economic impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?

Academic integrity


The term paper should be written in your own words. Sentences or paragraphs should not be copied from any sources written by others. According to the Ryerson Academic Integrity Policy 60, students will be penalized for plagiarism and will lose entire or partial marks.





The term paper must be submitted through D2L. The Turnitin score should not exceed 30%. Students are advised to submit the term paper, at first, without the reference list (because Turnitin detects the reference list texts as a plagiarism) and then if the Turnitin score is less than 30%, then the full version of the term paper (with the reference list) can be submitted.

The deadline of submission is:

June10, 2020 23:59:59

Late submission of paper will be penalized as follows:

1 day late – 1/3 of the Term Paper marks

2 day late – 2/3 of the Term Paper marks

3 day and more – No marks will be assigned.

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