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Writeea post will include one or more prompts to address. Please make sure to read the prompts closely as you are being graded on your ability to provide a substantive response to each. Each prompt should be answered in 150-300 words.

1.     Reading due:

·       Read Chapter 1 in the text.

2.     Discussion Board due:

·       Please complete Toolkit Exercise 1.3 on page 36. Post your responses to each of the 4 questions on the Discussion Board called “Change Roles.”

Toolkit Exercise 1.3 Change Roles in Your Organization Think about organizations that you are familiar with—organizations for which you have worked, schools you’ve attended, and organizations you’ve volunteered for such as a baseball league or a church. Think about changes, large or small, that have taken place in those organizations. Take a moment to describe a situation when you filled each of the change roles (Return to Table 1.4 on page 29 for definitions of each role). How did the role feel? What did you accomplish in the role? When did you play the role of a change initiator? When did you play the role of a change implementer? When did you play the role of a change facilitator? When did you play the role of a change recipient? Please see for a downloadable template of this exercise.

textbook:    Cawsey, T. F., Deszca, G., & Ingols, C. (2016). Organizational change: An action-oriented toolkit. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-4833-5930-4

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