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Question: If we were to use our sociological imagination and ask which inequality debilitates the progress of America, and the human condition, which inequality would you focus o, and why? What makes this separation of opportunity possible? Why does it seem to persist Do you see this changing in the next 50 years? Why?

Write about Racial Inequality as the inequality to focus on, answering those questions throughout the Body of the essay. Essay will have Intro, Body, Conclusion.

The paper is to be completed in Times New Roman 12-point font with 1 inch margins. Please note that the paper length is 3-5 pages with the emphasis on the paper being at least 2 and ¾ pages without a header. Please have a title page prepared for your paper to avoid any issues with headers. Furthermore, for the overachievers no more than 6 and a half pages will be accepted for this paper otherwise you will lose points just as those papers that are submitted short of the paper requirements.

The points will be allocated in the following format.

Response to the prompt is the majority of the paper grade. The allotted points here will be out of 70 points. The major evaluated factors will be the ability to address all parts of the prompt. A good way to do this is to outline your paper in the introduction by repeating the separate parts of the question and addressing them in that order. Remind the reader what the major purpose of the paper is and if need be include subtitles to inform the reader which portion of the prompt you are engaging with. Furthermore, make sure that you are clearly stating your arguments and using the material in a manner that it is clear you are not simply regurgitating the arguments from the articles but you are able to restate the positions and arguments of the researchers in your own words. Moreover, make sure that you are giving definitions and examples of all the concepts that you are using in order to ensure that the reader fully understands how the theory or concept relates to your particular argument.

When writing these papers make sure that you are able to accurately connect your main thesis statement and using the course materials as support. When engaging with the material make sure that you are properly citing the material, if you are unsure whether you should be citing a particular argument the rule of thumb is to cite. This ensures that you are not mistaken for any type of plagiarism or academic misconduct. It is also important that you are not overly engaging with the material and that there is a good sense that you are able to construct an individual argument as well.

The format of the paper will be worth 20 points. This portion of the grade will mostly depend on the papers structure. This means that there is a clear introduction (thesis statement and statement of what your paper will attempt to convey), a full and supported bod (this portion is where you will support your thesis and engage with the material to help flesh out your argument and clearly provide the reader with your position) and a conclusion that restates your thesis and summarizes the main points and arguments of the paper. Furthermore, the format of the paper will also be assessed based on your ability to engage with the course material (for the purposes of this paper there should be no less than 3 sources used to help with your paper). Please include a reference page that includes the name of the article, the authors name and year and journal in which the article was published (see below for example of how to cite an article in your paper).

The final 10 points will be assigned to spelling, grammar and clarity of the paper. Please make sure that you are proof reading your work and that you are minimizing the amount of grammatical and sentence structure errors. It is much more difficult to read a poorly written paper and apply points than it is to comprehend a paper that has good grammatical structure.

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