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Course title: Talent Management

This is a 20% part of a group assignment to create a plan for hiring professionals for Rainbow Street (Company) , which consist of:

1. Culture and Promote from Within Plan (This is what we’re doing)
2. Attraction Plan and Advertisements For Grant Writer, Director of Operations, and Field Volunteers
3. Selection Plan, Interview Protocols, and Onboarding Plan for Grant Writer, Director of Operations,
4. Motivation, Compensation, and Benefits Plan
5. Performance Management Training Materials

Culture and Promote from Within Plan

– Characterize Rainbow Street’s current culture based on the Executive Director’s presentation and materials about the organization that are available to you.

https://vimeo.com/352574681 (Rainbow Street company Video)

– Then, consider the organization’s strategy, goals, values, and vision, as well as the need to promote employee loyalty and motivation, engagement, performance- and client- centrism, ethicality, and inclusion and civility that should feature in every sustainable organization’s culture, to characterize the target culture for Rainbow Street. Make clear why the culture you recommend is right for the organization.

– Create a set of evidence-backed recommendations to help the organization enact and reinforce the envisioned culture. These recommendations should guide the organization in building, enhancing, and reinforcing the right culture for it.

– Remember that Rainbow Street anticipates rapid growth and that culture has to be purposefully enacted. How should this be done? What steps should be taken to ensure the culture you recommend is established and maintained?

-Additionally, as part of its culture, Rainbow Street wishes to emphasize promotion from within. As part of your culture plan, provide recommendations for how best to enact promotion from within and outline some potential promotion pathways (career planning and development) based on the organization’s 5-year projection organization charts (File available at Dropbox).

– Your full plan should be presented in a concise, but well-detailed and research-based/factually-supported, written report (5-7 pages of text + tables and figures) that the organization can reference if it enacts your plan or part of your plan in the future.

-Include references as endnotes (not included in your page count) in APA format.

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