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Navajo weavers in a globalized capitalist economy.

• The importance of weaving to the Navajo culture and economy/economic development
• Navajo cultural/economic values vs. the values of capitalism
• The history of Navajo weavers “in business” with the Anglo world
• The impacts of capitalism and globalization on the Navajo weaving industry and the weavers• Write in essay format with an introduction paragraph, a body of the paper comprised of multiple paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph. Use headings and sub-headings in your paper.
• If you discuss published non-class material (either direct quotations or paraphrasing), you must cite it within the text and include a bibliography/reference page.

Theory1-hurt the tribes, damage their authenticity, invade the privacy of their homes/culture practices, shift values of new generations

theory2-Help strengthen native American culture

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