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Character analysis of Candide by Voltaire.

Your essay should include an introduction to the character (Candide), an overview of whatever you know about their story or life, their challenges or successes, and the themes that most influenced them. You can, if you like, speculate about their childhood in terms of what might have been key events and/or people that shaped their views and development and any specific struggles you think they might have encountered as children or adults. Use your imagination, but support what you describe with references to the text. Be sure to use at least 8 references to the text and use MLA format for this essay as well. Consider these questions in your case study:

• How would you describe this person’s main strengths? How are they resilient in the face of conflict, struggle, adversity?

• What are the primary challenges that this person has faced? (Note: If you don’t see a primary challenge in the writing, imagine what might have been a challenge that led them to write what they wrote.)

• What is this person’s main flaw, shortcoming, blind spot? That is, what do they not see about themselves, about their story, that someone else might see or understand?

Consider the concept of empathy, or the “as if” experience, as a foundational component of your interaction with this character/author. Empathy involves an attempt to understand the experiences of others, as if they were our own. Ask yourself the following, and include your reflections as part of your essay:

• How would I feel if I were this character/author? How would I feel about myself? About others? About the world?

• What would motivate me, and what would be most important to me?

• What would be my primary values—that is, what or who would matter most to me?

If you were a helper in this person’s life (e.g., a teacher, doctor, lawyer, counselor, coach, mentor), what would you offer them that would be most helpful with their current struggle? Reflect on your role in this person’s life and how you might help them in some tangible way with a conflict or struggle or concern that they have expressed in the work you read. Make a prediction, in your concluding section, about how your character/author’s life might change if they had support from someone in the helping professions.

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