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Improvement means change. Today more than ever the ability of an organization to change quickly and adapt to changing customer requirements is mandatory.

Almost every employee in every organization is faced with the challenge of changing how they do things today into how they want to do things tomorrow.

For managers this can be a particularly daunting challenge.

When discussing process improvement projects with managers, the Lean & Six Sigma practitioner will often be faced with a barrage of “resistance to change challenges” across the organization.

There are three faces of change that all improvement activities can be classified as:

  • Kaizen,
  • Kaikaku,
  1. Define the three concepts above .
  2. How are the three concept above  are different from each other and what is the similarity between them ?
  3. How the three concept above do complement each other?
  4. Explain the link between these concepts and the lean and six sigma approach(Include Examples).





























The length of  the project is 4 pages or more , excluding the title page, table of contents, list of illustrations, and list of references.

Working Guidelines for Project

A.   Project Structure:

It is recommended that your project report have the following structure in the order provided here.

  1. Title page

The students’ details should be filled in the cover letter provided.

2.      Introduction

Write 8lines (101 words)introducing what the project is about

3.      Table of Contents

Table of contents should contain titles and page numbers for the main sections and subsections of your report. The table of contents should also include entries for any appendices in your report.

4.      Report Body

This is the central and main part of the project which contains the actual work done during the project.  The main requirement is that you need to structure the report so that it is clear and structured in a way that makes sense. Grammar and spellings count.

  1. Conclusions

The project’s conclusions should list the things which have been learnt as a result of the work you have done.

  1. References

You are responsible for appropriately citing material and methods that you use. Give references for the data collected from a text book, a magazine or a website identifying its sources while using the appropriate form. In the references section, references should be in a numbered list, ordered alphabetically by the last name of the first author.

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