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Please read the article “Big Data, Analytics and the Path from Insight to Value” by LaValle, Lesser, Shockley, et al. from MIT-Sloan Management Review.
You will look at a survey on how leading organizations are using statistics and you will compare the findings to your experience with respect to ( for instance.

Select one obstacle of the 11 categories listed in the chart on page 25 titled “Impediments to Becoming More Data Driven,” that you think is preventing a focus on analytics in your company. Explain the issue. How does this obstacle manifest itself and impact you in your work? Finally, make a recommendation to overcome the obstacle you identified.

Please use the template below in your answer. Copy and paste this in your post.

Use the template below:

Obstacles to Analytics

Obstacle 1: (title)



  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 2 pages/single spaced (1100 words)
  • Number of source/references: 3
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