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A colleague at the World Economic Forum saw the headline Moving Beyond Data-Driven to Analytics-Driven (Links to an external site.) and wants to know if it is possible for government agencies to be analytics-driven. Funding is limited when it comes to SDG 9 and they began to wonder: could data analytics be the answer to spending funds more wisely?

Review this module’s material and advise the World Economic Forum member by discussing the following:

  • How is data analytics important for decision making? What does it mean to make analytic-driven decisions?
  • What does an analytic-driven culture look like in an organization? What roles and responsibilities are needed?
  • How would you advise government agencies in your country (SOUTH AFRICA) to move toward an analytic-driven approach?

A written response post of 1-2 paragraphs, ~100 words each.

a quality reply is measured by the relevant ideas and insights you share. Include appropriate written citations to sources (APA style or MLA style or hyperlinks). These citations can be from sources covered in class or sources from your independent research outside of class.

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