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Research Proposal for instructor approval that includes your main variables, any control variables, how they are labeled, what your value ranges are, your specific data source, and your tentative research question.

Applied Decision Methods GBA-334-OL04

How does gas mileage depend on the engine, size and weight of the vehicle

In our paper, we are determining if gas mileage depend on the engine of the a vehicle. It is relative  that the gas consumption depend on the size of the engine.  If the engine is bigger will consume more than smaller engines.  In this project we going to evaluate how bigger (Tundra) engines compare with smaller ones (Tacoma)  (i.e. V8 fuel consuming versus V6 fuel consuming). It is other variables like weight, mass, etc. that could having an effect on the gas millage.  Other variable would be the use of the vehicle, the worst and harsh are the conditions, the gas millage will be affected.  We will be focused in the size of the engine and how just this variable affect the gas millage and at the end and most important our pocket as consumers.


V6 vs. V8 Engine: What is the Difference Between Them? Retrieved May 29, 2020.

Retrieved from



Topic for the project: How does gas mileage depend on the [blank] of the vehicle? [Blank] could be weight, engine size,

seating capacity, size (e.g. compact, sub-compact, SUV), etc. There should be multiple predictor

variables included.

Final Report: As mentioned earlier, this project can be a written report, a PowerPoint or Prezi

presentation, or a combination of the three. Regardless of the form the presentation takes, it must

include the following areas:

  1. Introduction – What was your project? Why did you choose the topic? What was the main

research question? How did completing this project demonstrate Saint Leo University’s core

value of excellence?

  1. Data – What was your data source? What dates did it cover? What was the web site you

obtained it from? What variables did you include? Identify all dependent and independent

variables. What were their values and what do those values signify?

  1. Descriptive Statistics – for your primary variables, be sure to include Table 1 below (you can

cut and paste it into your document if you like).

  1. Graphs as appropriate – scatterplot, histogram, pie chart, etc.
  1. Testing Conducted – what type of test did you conduct? What were the results?
  1. Conclusion – Wrap up your report in a concise manner. Clearly state what you learned from

the results and any potential shortcomings of your analysis.

Table 1 – Descriptive Statistics for ?????

Add descriptive statistics measures as needed for your project.

Statistic ????? ?????

N ? ?

Mean ? ?

Std. Deviation ? ?

Skewness ? ?

Minimum ? ?

Q1 ? ?

Median ? ?

Q3 ? ?


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