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Should social media have regulations on content

You will write an essay of 700-900 words (min) in length which identifies an issue for debate, establishes your position on the issue, supports your position with sound arguments and evidence, and rebuts opposing arguments made by others. You should refer to The Norton Field Guide, Chapter 36, 45-50, for discussions on Argumentation and using sources, Chapter 13 for examples, and Chapters 51-52 on documenting sources.

You develop a thesis statement that on the issue. Your essay must include an appropriate introduction, a good conclusion, and body paragraphs that fully develop the thesis in a series of well-organized sub-topics that support your position and a body paragraph that . Emphasis should be placed on establishing a clear purpose, a debatable thesis, and strong supporting evidence.

You must have 3 reliable secondary sources from a book, magazine, journal, or website as supporting evidence. You cite each of the 3 sources at least once in the body of your essay with an in-text citation, and you write a MLA format Works Cited containing the full information of the 3 sources at the end of your essay. Refer to the MLA Documentation folder on e-campus for the correct format of the Works Cited and in-text citation format.

Your audience includes persons who are debating the social issues that affect teens and young adults. Your language should address the subject in such a way as to establish the importance of the issue to your audience and a reasonable tone. The student writes the argument essay on the topic presented in the research question from the Group Research Project. Refer to the Group Project list on e-campus in the Group Research Project folder. Your paper should appeal to reason, emotion, and/or moral values wherever possible.

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