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The following journal articles present different applications of spatial interpolation:
• Gong et al. (2014). Comparison of the accuracy of kriging and IDW interpolation in estimating groundwater arsenic concentrations in Texas. Environmental Research 130, 59-69.
• Wu et al. (2006). Exposure assessment of particulate matter air pollution before, during, and after the 2003 Southern California wildfires. Atmospheric Environment 40, 3333-3348.
• Zarco-Perello & Simoes (2017). Oridinary kriging vs inverse distance weighting: spatial interpolation of the sessile community of Madagascar reef, Gulf of Mexico. PeerJ 5:e4078.
• Liu et al. (2017). Analysis of local-scale urban heat island characteristics using an integrated method of mobile measurement and GIS-based spatial interpolation. Building and Environment 117, 191-207.
• Jin et al. (2017). An approach to evaluating light pollution in residential zones: A case study of Beijing. Sustainability 9, 652.You should choose any TWO of the above journal articles, and:
(i) Write a summary about how interpolation was used to study processes in each of these applications. You should draw upon the illustrative material (e.g. figures and tables) to support your summary text.
(ii) What limitations or issues with interpolation do these studies highlight?

You should draw on the academic literature in your answer and can include illustrative material e.g. figures and tables.

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