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Print it Green, Inc. is a manufacturer of recycled printing supplies.The company began operations on 10/1/2008 and is dedicated to producing sustainable green printing products.Print it Green, Inc. provides recycled laser toner cartridges, recycled ink jet cartridges as well as cases of recycled copy paper to a variety of customers across the United States.                                               Upper management created several detailed sales forecasts for FY 2010.Now that Print it Green, Inc. is beginning the final quarter of their year, management has requested that a detailed analysis be performed as to whether the company is expected to achieve the forecasted results.                                               Print it Green’s Sales Manager has pulled together the detailed sales forecasts for FY 2010 as well as the inception-to-date sales data from their accounting system (Use Internet)(see the additional tabs below). She has requested that an Excel Dashboard be created to illustrate on a detailed basis whether or not the company is expected to achieve total forecasted sales of $1,006,000 for FY 2010.                                                   Using at least three of the Excel functions and/or capabilities that we have learned in class, create an Excel Dashboard that will address the Sales Manager’s request for Print it Green, Inc.

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