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Q1: Ethical Relationships between Humans and their Environment – Consider the way in which Dr. Lindholdt’s book brings political or environmental issues to light. Choose one of the three essays we read—“Black Bear on Gold Hill,” “Three Coyotes,” or “On Attention”—and discuss the following:

  • How are humans and culture linked to the environment in this text?
  • Does this text suggest a certain attitude or action regarding the environment and/or the relationship humans have with that environment?
  • Does it have an ethical motivation?  If so, what is it? If not, why not?

Q2: Attention to Detail & Introspective Memoir – Dr. Lindholdt has said that “if we intentionally pay attention to our surroundings we can shape our consciousness and personal character.” Annie Dillard uses the moment of a moth dying in her candle to reflect on her own place in nature and her responsibility for stewardship towards the earth. Both she and Dr. Lindholdt use attention to their surroundings to think introspectively and learn about themselves in their essays.  Choose a moment in one of the three essays we read from Dr. Lindholdt’s In Earshot of Water where an observation of the external world—a detail about nature or an event he witnessed—offered the opportunity for the author to learn and explain a truth about himself. Compare and contrast how Dr. Lindholdt does this with how Annie Dillard does. How does each use observation to reflect on their personal thoughts and beliefs? Do you find this effective? Why or why not?

Q3: Using Environment and History to Tell Personal Stories – Consider how Dr. Lindholdt uses his physical environments and the history attached to these environments in his essays. Choose one or more of Dr. Lindholdt’s three essays that we read and think about and answer the following:

  • How does the author use his observations and descriptions of his environments to make his personal stories relatable to his readers?
  • What history does he explicate in the essay and how does he weave the history into the essay to make his personal story more effective?
  • If the story were told outside of the environment in which it is set or without the historical context given, could it have the same impact on us as readers? Why or why not?
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