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Go to the internet and find a news article(s) published within the last month that discusses U.S. short-term and long-term economic growth, summarize key points of the article using macroeconomic terminology, and post your response in the Discussions area.

Please note that the goal of this discussion is to read, understand, and discuss recent news using macroeconomic terminology. The article should be from an on-line newspaper or magazine. Materials posted on educational websites, like, , and so on, are not considered news articles even if they were recently updated and contain material related to the discussion topic.

Reflection – the students also should include a paragraph in the initial response in their own words, using macroeconomic terminology, reflecting on specifically what they learned from the assignment and how they think they could apply what they learned in the workplace or in everyday life.

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As we begin responding to the Week 2 discussion question, I want to draw your attention an important requirement of the question:

Go to the internet and find a news article published within the last month that discusses U.S. economic growth, summarize key points and post your response in the Discussions area.

Note the underlined text; it states that your article and topic must relate to “economic growth.” This means that whichever article and macroeconomic phenomenon you choose to discuss, the central theme should be growth of the GDP and data to support it.

Review your literature on the factors that affect economic growth in a country, the method by which economic growth takes place, the signs of economic growth, impacts of economic growth on things like interest rates, inflation, unemployment, trade, etc, the leading economic indicators that can show economic growth, and the policies/tools government uses during times of economic growth to curb any instability.

If you know these things described above, then you will be ready to do a good job analyzing your article.

I will start you off with a nice tip. During economic growth, not only does output (GDP) rise but prices also, starting an inflationary trend. This inflation must not get out of hand, so there are fiscal and monetary policies used by government to control the inflation. See if you can determine if we have inflation right now, what level it is, and what policies are now being used.

And while you know that inflation/price levels rise during growth, what do you suppose happens with the unemployment level in the economy? Any data to show the changes over the past year or so?

Combine your article points with the macroeconomic theory and supporting data to make it wholesome.

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