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1. a. When Tocqueville visits America, he claims to have found there a solution to combining equality with liberty without revolution despite the democratic revolution sweeping both Europe and America. Given the variety of ways he discovers for the realization of political liberty in American civic and political life, in what sense can he claim to have solved this problem? Why, however, does he fear that both his European and his American audience might not heed his lesson? Does equality automatically lead to liberty as he understands the term?

b. Based on your reading of The Communist Manifesto and the sections in Capital in which Marx describes the working day and the structure of authority in the factory, how would he evaluate Tocqueville’s claim to have found a solution to combining equality with liberty without revolution? Who has provided the most coherent account of the relation of equality and liberty, or would you argue that the two accounts supplement each other?

In writing this exam you must rely on our reading and support your arguments with direct textual evidence. Essays without proper citations and without evidence taken directly from the text will receive a poor grade.

Warning: Summaries taken from the internet will lead to an automatic fail on the exam! In writing your essays you must demonstrate to me that your essay is based on having read the texts, not just lectures and slides!

Your essay should be approximately 6-8 pages with about half on Tocqueville and half on Marx, though you may put more weight on one theorist than the other as long as your argument is well-constructed.

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