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Inspiration/rationale: For intellectual, understanding-hungry people like us, it’s extremely gratifying to be able to see how a philosophical concept or theory is manifest in some current event, world view, cultural trend, work of popular or fine art, etc. This is the kind of insight that prompted philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle to equate philosophical understanding with the true elite of society. Whether that classification is warranted, no one can deny the inherent pleasure of making a connection between abstract philosophy and concrete reality. Moreover, the ability to derive these connections is an excellent index of how well you really understand the concept or theory under consideration. A good philosopher is able to interpret the world and sometimes even be at a practical advantage because she can understand the world through a philosophical lens.

Description/Definition: A “Connections” paper is an interpretation, analysis, or evaluation of a current or historical event, world view, social institution, cultural trend, or work of art (including literature, music, and film!) from the perspective of a specific philosophical theory, concept, or argument. The essay should present some relatively new insight into the phenomenon which is its focus. At the very least, the paper should fully explicate the theory, concept, etc. which is its basis, and provide detailed supporting analysis for the connection it asserts.

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