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Risk Analysis – Assignment Guidelines

Bank failure/ crisis: Herstatt Bank in Germany


– This is a written essay of maximum of 2500 words. This coursework is designed to check the student’s progress, and to reinforce the concepts covered.


Please read the questions carefully before writing your responses. There is no ‘model’ or ‘unique’ answer to the discussion question.

The questions require brief, considered responses. A premium will be placed on cogent, well-reasoned responses.


Grades will be based on:

  • Structure and coherence (i.e. the answer should flow as a narrative),
  • Analytical strength (e.g. the extent to which you draw upon theoretical paradigms discussed in the course),
  • Illustrations with examples,
  • The synthesis of different viewpoints,
  • Originality (including reasoning and structuring of your responses) and
  • Professionalism (i.e. the extent to which you follow rules of writing papers), e.g. referencing, formatting, editing for grammatical and other errors. Answer should cite at least five references. Give clear reference to all sources used and should be included in the text of your report.

Please feel free to use graphs, diagrams, tables, etc. to substantiate your responses. These do not count towards the word limit.












Question 1 (Max words 1500-1750)

Bank failure/ crisis: Herstatt Bank in Germany

  1. a) Describe the crisis and the risks manifested.
  2. b) Identify the major contributory factors, which led to the crisis.
  3. c) What were the banking sector characteristics in the chosen marker prior to failure?
  4. d) How was the problem resolved?
  5. e) List the negative impact on the economy due to the failure.
  6. f) What are the regulatory responses and the risk management lessons that could be learned from this bank failure?

Question 2 (Max words 750 – 1000)

Assume you are a consultant to the CEO of a hypothetical multinational bank, BZ.

BZ Bank has operations in one of the worst hit corona virus pandemic regions. The CEO wants a clear account of the risks faced by the bank.

Write a report not exceeding 750 words to highlight the risks faced by the bank.

– How are the services in the bank going to change post-pandemic?

– What strategies should the CEO adopt to manage the risks and minimize the losses?

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