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Ethical Relativism: An action is morally wrong (or right) for someone if and only if that person’s culture believes it is wrong (or right).

Objectivity vs. Subjectivity: In other words, we just DECIDE, as a society, which actions are morally wrong (and which are not). And once we do, then those actions ARE morally wrong for everyone in that society.

So, morality is a subjective matter on this view, since moral truths depends upon what people THINK about morality. On this view, morality is basically a matter of personal taste (or societal taste, etc.).

In opposition is the view that moral truths are objective; i.e., morality does NOT depend upon what people think. Morality is NOT a matter of taste. Rather, there are some things that are just plain wrong (or right) REGARDLESS OF WHAT ANYONE THINKS. (University of Colorado Boulder, n.d.)

In the YouTube video The Concept of Ethical Relativism Explained With its Pros and Cons, it explains that “cultural ethical relativism is a theoretical perspective, where it is believed that morality is relative to the norms of a particular culture”.

Choose and discuss a cultural norm from another country that differs from our American culture. Research the culture to see where the custom came from, if you can find out. Teach your colleagues about ethical relativism in relation to the country or culture that you chose.

The following articles will help you get started but you not limited to these sources.


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