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You have to extract data from website and analyze data from using STATA.

Total 20%

1)(3% of total grade)

Question, data and why is it important; 2-page report max.

2)(3%) Characteristics of data; 3page-report max.

Where it came from, summary statistics of main variables, determine if there is enough variable to estimate relationship.

3)(3%) Plan for empirical analysis; 3-page report

Model to be used (regression, etc.), variables to be included.

4)(3%) Presentation

10-minute presentation of project with results

5)(8%) 8-page paper (tables and references included), double spaced

A potential format is

1.Introduction to question

2.motivate why it’s important

3.Data explanation with summary

4.StatisticsExplanation of regression model and interpreting estimates

5.Conclusion and limitations of study

6.Need to upload.logfile as well

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