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Through observation, teachers learn children’s developmental progress and recognize signs of children with developmental needs. The most popular method of recording child observations is a written description of children’s actions.

This assignment fulfills/supports:

You will have recognized children with special needs and diverse abilities through observation.

The importance and benefits of observation and documenting:

Standard 3: Observing, Documenting, and Assessing To Support Young Children and Families:

Students prepared in early childhood degree programs understand that child observation, documentation, and other forms of assessment are central to the practice of all early childhood professionals. They know about and understand the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment. They know about and use systematic observations, documentation, and other effective assessment strategies in a responsible way, in partnership with families and other professionals, to positively influence the development of every child.

Key elements of Standard 3

3a: Understanding the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment – including its use in development of appropriate goals, curriculum, and teaching strategies for young children

3b. Knowing about and using observation, documentation and other appropriate assessment tools and approaches, including the use of technology in documentation, assessment, and data collection.

3d: Knowing about assessment partnerships with families and with professional colleagues to build effective learning environments

Standard 2: Build family and community relationships
2c: Involving families and communities in young children’s development and learning.

The Assignment

*Observe a child with a special need or developmental delay between the ages of 6- 8, this child will be the main focus in your anecdotal records. Follow the child as he or she engages in activities (with parents permission you may record the child). Use words conveying exactly what the child said and did throughout your observation.

*For interpretation, tell what specific inferences can you make from this anecdotal record? What does your observation tell you about this child’s development? What challenges/developmental delay does this child have?

*How did you get this child’s family involved in the observation?

  • Use the attached document to complete this assignment, there is an example for your benefit.
  • Be specific and date each anecdote.
  • Times note the beginning time of significant moment.
  • The anecdote is organized around the beginning, middle and end of the activity.
  • Avoid subjective statements where you give your opinion
  • Write verbs in past tense
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