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Discuss the role of antidiuretic hormone (ADH) in the formation of urine.  What are ACE inhibitors and how do they relate to this topic?

Read ALL of the instructions; I can not stress this enough. Too many times I have recieved mediocre work, and I am not afraid to leave a bad rating. It’s simple: follow instructions.

The class got an bad email from the teacher on our last discussion questions because people were not citing things correctly… so READ the rules thoroughly!

If English is your first language, great. If it is not, try Not to sound like a dictionary; it is very unnatural and kind of suspicious.

Here is the Assignment:

Please complete the following writing assignment using these guidelines:

  • original post must be 500-700 words in length
  • contains introduction with thesis statement or hypothesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph
  • response post needs to be at least one well-developed paragraph that fulfills the requirements (see below)
  • plagiarized work will receive a zero and will be reported to college
  • quotes can only make up 10% of the writing
  • references must be cited using MLA or APA format

– Each original post needs to have at least 2 references (such as your textbook and a scientific journal/website)

– Each response post needs to have at least 1 reference

– When you cite within your writing, use the following format.  Note the citation is within the paragraph (period after the citation), includes only the last name of the author, and the year the publication came out.

High fiber diets reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance (Mulligan, 2013).


You can cite within the sentence, such as:

In 2013, Mulligan reported that high fiber diets reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance.

– One author: (Mulligan, 2013); two authors (Mulligan and Pratt, 2013); Three or more authors (Mulligan, Pratt, and Moore, 2013) or (Mulligan et al., 2013).

  • each assignment will be worth 100 points (all 3 writing assignments make up 5% of your total grade in the class)
  • points will be awarded using the rubric that you can view in My Grades
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