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Answer the following: for each Discussion 1 and Initial response must be a minimum of 200 words or more. You must cite referenced answers with reading citations, with page numbers, parenthetical style (Author, Date: page#), and the source listed APA style at the end of the post.

Discussion 1

The content of this video is graphic because it showed injury and death during the 2017 Las Vegas Shooting:

After watching the video, the Las Vegas incident have serious morbidity and mortality effect on public health.

1. Please share your thoughts on how this incident can be used to provide/develop public health programs that can prevent or respond to similar catastrophes.

2. What type of injuries can result from these type of events?

3. How about the first responders, what type of occupational injuries will they be exposed to?

Discussion 2

1. Access either one of the following checklist:

2. Share the location where you used the checklist.

3. Discuss at least 2 things that you learned about your community or 2 things that you can improve within your community based on the checklist you chose.

4. Share your thoughts about your results.


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