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Root Cause Analysis

Now that you have completed a Gemba Walk and have gathered information about the organization and identified opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, improve a product, or streamline a process, it is time to take a closer look at these problems and get to the root cause of why they are happening.

Assignment Instructions

Create either a 5 Whys or a Fishbone diagram for each of the two short-term opportunities and the one long-term opportunity you identified during your Gemba Walk. Work through each step of the 5 Whys or Fishbone processes to find the root cause(s) of each problem.

Gemba Walk


The SWOT analysis that was conducted on Domino’s Pizza Restaurant Company pointed several areas of weakness and threats to the business. Considering the level of seriousness of the weaknesses it became necessary to conduct a gemba walk on some specific areas of the company so that improvements can be made on some specific areas in the business and the general company operations. Gemba walk is simply the process of evaluating a process and initiating continuous improvement on it by reducing the waste in the organization. In this case the main objectives of the gemba was to eliminate the inefficiencies, waste reduction, improving the company product and streamlining the process (Hafey, 2017).

Organizational Summary

Domino’s company deals in pizza and some other related commodities. The company was founded back in 1960 by a group of people with a mission to maintain high international chain of pizza delivery and provide the experience of an excellent customer’s service. From the mission it’s clear that the company had plans to go beyond borders in its operations. The vision on the other hand was that the company have the best of talent, be the best in pizza business and the best in people in that the company would produce the products that meet the customers’ needs and leave them satisfied. So, from this overview on the company background the gemba walk was intended to focus in two main areas that is the product and the issue of expansion of the company all over the United States and even in the global dimension.

Gemba Walk Process

The gemba walk was mainly focused on two areas the first one was the company product which is pizza. We wanted to find out how the product was performing and if the company is going by the objective of producing the right quality products and if there were any areas that needed adjustment on the products. The other area was about the business expansion, we wanted to find out if the business is performing well and to know whether the performance is contributing to any growth in terms of the premises. The walk in this area wanted to find out if indeed the company was implementing the plan to be the best in the United States and the international industry.

There are several observations that were made during the process the first one was that the company was not expanding accordingly in terms of operations and the products it brings to the customers.  The company was mainly focusing on the pizza which is the primary product and not trying out some new products in the market hence the revenue could not increase substantially. The company was also not so competent in as far as the new market sustainability is concerned. These observations were made on the business premises in the various areas in the United States and the records in the headquarters (Weiss & Tucker, 2018).

There were several opportunities both short and long-term ones that would help eliminate the inefficiency. The short-term ones include, introducing new products in the market, coming up with effective marketing strategies and promoting the primary product even further to dominate the market. The long-term opportunity would be expanding its operations in the USA and the global market.

Domino’s company was generally performing below the expectation as stipulated in the company’s mission and vision statements. These were observed on the company operations systems and the way the company is working on the expansion goals and so. It is quite clear that the company has diverse opportunities that it would exploit and enhance the inefficiency reduce wastage and generally perform well in the industry at large. The gemba walks was therefore beneficial to the company.


Hafey, R. B. (2017). Lean safety Gemba walks: A methodology for workforce engagement and culture change. Productivity Press.

Weiss, E. N., & Tucker, C. (2018). Queue management: Elimination, expectation, and enhancement. Business Horizons, 61(5), 671-678.

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