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Individual Literature Review & Research Proposal


For Project 2, you will be completing a literature review and then developing a proposed study on any psychological topic of your choice. You will NOT be collecting data on this topic, so you do not need to worry about practical restrictions. You have learned Psych Info searching skills and how background theory and research are used to develop new ideas, so now is the time to put those skills to work! You will be using a minimum of 5 scholarly papers in your literature review.

The proposed study will be a 2 x 2 design (2 independent variables with 2 levels each). This MUST be experimental, meaning you have to be able to manipulate the variables, so you cannot use subject/predictor variables. This also must be something you are able to do research on and create a feasible plan for a study, e.g. you cannot propose a neuroimaging or drug study if you do not understand the equipment, dose/ mechanism, etc.

The following guidelines should be clearly followed in writing your proposal; the sections and format are explained below.  The body of the proposal (excluding title page, references, and appendices) should be about 6-7 pages, double spaced.  NOTE: everything, including format and style, headings, citations, references, etc should be in APA style—check your manual. (The outline below is NOT APA style.)

Title page


Introduction (~5 pages):

  • Opening paragraph: draw your readers in with the broad research questions. You can discuss the ‘big picture,’ why it is interesting or important. Think about why this is interesting to you and what this study will be addressing etc to help frame this opening. Then transition to:
  • Literature review / Background research:
  • Citing a minimum of 5 research articles, describe the most relevant research on the topic that you are proposing. Check your APA manual for how to use in-text citations!
  • You should start broad with the research related to the general topic and work down to research that is specifically related to your topic. You should describe past research so that your reader can understand what was found but you do NOT need to include details about methods (unless it is specifically relevant). Focus on implications
  • Make sure to flow and transition so you have a coherent “story” and not a “laundry list”
  • The final paragraph should explain your hypotheses and connect them to the prior research findings you have just described, which clearly indicates your justification and rationale for the study.
  • à Ultimately, think about the “story” you are telling here. How does this support the study you are proposing?

Method (~1-2 pages)

The following information should be included, which should be in subsections :

Design –will be (At minimum) a 2×2 between Ss design… make sure to indicate:

  • Independent Variable(s)

What are they and what are their levels?

Will the variables be manipulated between or within subjects?

  • Dependent Variable(s)

What are they and how will you measure them?

  • Within, between, or mixed?

Participants and location

  • How will you select, any restrictions?
  • How many will you need? (need to consider power)
  • Where will you collect data, when and how?

Materials (which should be included in the appendix)

  • e.g. scales and measures


  • Walk through the steps of the study in order

Planned Analysis and Expected Results (~2 paragraphs)

What statistics (e.g. ANOVA) will you use to test your hypotheses?  Based on your hypotheses, what differences do you expect?

Talk to your TA for help with stats if necessary! Most likely you will be using a 2×2 ANOVA (you so need to determine the variables etc).


On a separate page, include the research papers cited in your background research section.  Again, check the APA manual!  (See also the sample paper in the textbook.) MUST HAVE MINIMUM OF FIVE!


This section should include the following (on separate pages):

Materials and experimental stimuli

Attach all the materials you would plan to use in your study, namely questionnaires, tests, self-report measures

(Be sure to include references for scales, etc. that you didn’t create.)

General Writing Tips

  • Present only one idea per paragraph.
  • Use transitions from one idea to the next…and not just transition words but transition of ideas.
  • Describe the idea fully, but concisely.
  • The relevance of each idea/paragraph to the overall goal must be made clear to the reader.
  • Each paragraph should transition easily to the next.
  • Avoid the non-essential.
  • Avoid wordiness, choppiness, redundancy, clichés, etc.

Headers, Citations, References, and all other formatting MUST follow APA style and formatting!  Check your manual, the example in the back of the book or online.  Do not follow the formatting or style on this guideline sheet!

Ingroup conflict Outgroup conflict
Verbal conflict
Physical conflict

One IV is ingroup/outgroup conflict, another IV is verbal/physical conflict.

The group can refer to race/gender/ethnicity, choose the one that is easier for you to write.

Method: There are 20 Participants in total and each of them is asked to watch four videos, each of the videos is under one of the four conditions (ingroup/verbal, outgroup/verbal, ingroup/physical, outgroup/physical). The whole experiment lasts 4 days and each day participants are asked to watch a video of one of the four conditions. Every time they finish one video, they are provided with a questionnaire to estimate their aggression (on a scale of 1-7). This is a within subject design.

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