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Psychiatric Rehabilitation, the Recovery Philosophy, and Deinstitutionalization
Drawing from the module’s readings, write an essay of 400–500 words that addresses the interconnected issues of psychiatric rehabilitation, the recovery philosophy, and deinstitutionalization. In your essay, be sure to:
1. Discuss the key principles of psychiatric rehabilitation. (I am looking for a synthesis, not a list of principles)
2. Discuss the key principles of the recovery philosophy. (I am looking for a synthesis, not a list of principles)
3. Summarize Torrey’s critique of deinstitutionalization.
4. Discuss the tension between a) following a treatment philosophy based on psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery principles; and b) Torrey’s argument about how to “fix” deinstitutionalization. In other words, how are these perspectives in contradiction to one another?

Readings and Resources
Please read the following item from your required text:
• Corrigan, P.W. (2016). Principles and practice of psychiatric rehabilitation: An empirical approach.
o Chapter 3: Definition of psychiatric rehabilitation. (pp. 47-65)
The following readings can be found in the Reading List or use the link provided:
• Walsh, J. (2013). The recovery philosophy and direct social work practice. Chicago: Lyceum.
o Chapter 2: The recovery philosophy of mental illness. (pp. 11–33)
• Torrey, E. F. (2015). Deinstitutionalization and the rise of violence (Links to an external site.). CNS Spectrums, 20(03), 207–214.
Please view the following required video:
• West 47th Street. (Links to an external site.) PBS. (84 minutes)

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