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It has been stated that to lead people through the complex changes facing the healthcare industry, transformational leadership is required. Using transformational leadership, leaders create an environment for staff so that the staff make choices to best apply their knowledge, skills, attitudes and general efforts, by engaging commitment and developing potential. As such, you are hired as the consultant for Safeway Healthcare Alliance to develop a management development program. The leadership development program will be used by the organization to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to drive organizational change and improve the system performance

. Please write a paper that presents transformational leadership as a critical challenge for Safeway Healthcare Alliance, discusses the need for Safeway Healthcare Alliance to embrace change as a tool for success, and illustrates the leadership development program including its goals and learning methods and activities to achieve these goals.

  • Abstract – a summary of your paper
  • Introduction
    • A description of how transformational leadership can best address critical challenges for Safeway Healthcare Alliance
    • A discussion of the need for Safeway Healthcare Alliance to embrace change as a tool for success
  • Management development program
    • Content
      • Goals
      • Leadership learning and development methods and activities in the program
      • Methods of measuring program success
    • Format
      • Incorporate bullets lists and tables where appropriate
      • Cite a minimum of 5 references from books or recent articles (5 years) from professional journals.
  • In-text Citations and Reference List
    • Use APA style.
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