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  • Style: MLA
  • Number of pages: 3 pages/double spaced (825 words)
  • Number of source/references: 10


Identify the media technologies associated with recent media history
Integrate media history with personal history
Interpret visual and textual objects for personal and/or historical meaning
Analyze media historical, economic and technological history through the lens of personal history
Produce a written and visual essay
The completed assignment consists of an essay with accompanying digital images produced in Word (or similar) and uploaded to Blackboard/Submissions. You will also upload to your ePortfolio.

Review Media History and Economics modules (Tech/Econ, Cyber & Legacy)
Review Media Effects and Audiences module (Audience/Effects)
Enter a working link to your ePortfolio in Wiki:ePortfolio. (The link is working ONLY if you click on it and it opens your page.)
For this assignment you will create a Personal Media History narrative using digital images of your life. The project will be 800-1,000 words with about 20 images collected from your personal media, i.e., social media, photo collection, advertising in your media stream, etc.

This narrative must have a specific form that matches the assignment objectives and grading scheme for the assignment. To create this narrative, you will need to collect digital images from various years throughout your life and arrange them into a single document.

You will submit this essay to both Blackboard Submissions and your ePortfolio.


Image Review: Select about 20 images of you, your family or other important people in your life. These images should be related — in time, use or effect — to media innovations or media events. These images can either be directly related or indirectly related.
DIRECT EXAMPLE: An image of you holding an iPhone can be part of your narration about the importance of mobile technologies on your work life.

INDIRECT EXAMPLE: An image of a pants ad on Instagram can illustrate your analysis of how advertising intrudes on our interpersonal communication.

Materials Review: Select 3-4 most important concepts from the materials indicated above. These are your choice, but make these choices thoughtfully. You will be more successful in this project if you can connect these concepts together and then to your personal history in a simple formula.


Tech: Mobile phones include cameras + Econ: Social Media relies on advertising model –> Effect: A new kind relationship with distant family

Illustrations: Instagram image of a distant relative; screen grab of Facebook account; personalized ad for skin care;

Create an essay of about 800-1,000 words that discusses the relationship between media innovations, economic trends in media, and media effects on people.
Illustrate your essay with the images you collect. In your essay, explain how the image connects to your analysis.


Make sure your link is working. Include the working link at the top of your essay.

Use small file sizes for your photos. This will make it muuuuch easier to upload to Blackboard Submissions.

There is lots and lots of help available to you on your ePortfolio — including actual people who want to help. Check the the links!


You essay will be evaluated according to the criteria below. These criteria are reflected in the COMM 260 Essay Grading Rubric.

Concept selection: 25 points
Are these concepts discussed in the appropriate chapters and materials as described in the assignment?
Are the concepts described thoroughly and accurately?

Concept integration: 25 points
Do the concepts relate to each other as described?
Do the concepts relate to the images in a meaningful way?
Are the concepts and personal history clearly integrated throughout the essay?

Image Use: 20 points
Do the images support the points in the essay?
Are the images correctly proportioned and placed in the essay?
Are the images of sufficient quality to be seen and read in the assignment?

College Stuff: 10 points
Does your essay reflect university-level writing?
Are grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc. correct?
Is the essay well organized, readable and properly formatted?

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