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Do not use title page ( you lose points) use Republic of Korea not South Korea

clarify consultant 1 global problem good 2 interdisciplinary good literature review what disciplines are you using in literature review, econ, geo? need to review several articles 3 positions good different actors, past solutions 4 solutions good develop sections options , a ,b, c then choose a or b or c for recommendation solutions for client 5 Organization good should be intro, issue, perspective/literature review, background on country ( data, actors). options, recommendation

add map, table, chart

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International Studies 302        Policy Analysis                                Professional/Specialist for Client Government/ Non-Government Organization

Very good Good Poor
Criterion 1

Identify and summarize global problems

Provides a factually accurate description of the problem, its scope and historical background, and its relevance to contemporary international or global affairs. Description of the problem has some inaccurate or missing details. Scope, background, or relevance of issue is incomplete explained. Description of the problem is often inaccurate with many missing details. Scope, background, or relevance of issue is missing.
Criterion 2

Integrate interdisciplinary perspectives on global problems

Analytical framework effectively integrates appropriate concepts from two or more of the disciplines in ITS. Analytical framework uses appropriate concepts from two of the disciplines in ITS. Analytical framework is unclear, applies concepts inappropriately, or fails to use concepts from at least two disciplines in ITS.
Criterion 3

Evaluate contending positions and identify openings for effective policy

Evaluation correctly identifies relevant actors, felicitously presents their perspectives, summarizes prior attempts at resolution, and locates appropriate issues to address with new policies. Evaluation identifies only major actors, or inaccurately presents their perspectives, or excludes some resolution efforts, or locates inappropriate issues to address with policy. Evaluation excludes some major actors, mischaracterizes their perspectives, ignores prior resolutionefforts, fails to identify target issues.
Criterion 4

Propose workable solutions to achieve desired outcomes

Presents innovative and feasible solutions that are likely to resolve the problem as defined for the client. Presents feasible solutions but efficacy is uncertain or outcomes do not align with the problem as defined for the client. Proposed solutions are not feasible or do not sufficiently addressthe problem.
Criterion 5

Organization, syntax and mechanics

Writing skillfully communicates to readers in a detached, professional tone; writing is virtually error free with regard to mechanics, citation, and conventional formatting of policy documents; organization is sound and transitions within and across sections are fluid. Writing conveys meaning to the readers but noticeable mechanical errors; organization within and/or across sections may be awkward, incoherent, or lack fluidity. Writing is difficult to understand and has multiple errors with regard to mechanics and conventional formatting; organization is limited to sectional divisions
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