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science articles critique

For this assignment, you will analyze the three popular science articles you read this week. First, analyze these features of the articles (feel free to include other aspects you notice): • How do the articles utilize metaphors (and similes, which compare two unlike items, using “ like” or “as”) to convey information? Second, select a passage, or passages, from the articles. Analyze the text, considering (feel free to include other elements): • Can you get a sense of the subject and development of ideas in the passage? What purpose is served by making the text more or less difficult to understand for non-experts? • Point out the sentence-level features of the passages — sentence length, the use of person, the use of tense, nominalizations, the use of modifiers. How would you characterize the prose style of the discipline? What purpose does this style serve? Third, after comparing these characteristics — and others you notice — draw some general conclusions about the direction of the discipline and its standards for communication. Feel free to quote material – with proper attribution. Here are some questions (you are not required to answer them directly) to help focus your analysis: • Generally, what is the rhetorical purpose of these disciplinary styles? What audiences are served by these styles? Requirements • Length: 500-800 words • Format: Memorandum (single-spaced text; double-spaced between headings and paragraphs)

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