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For this paper, I would like you to respond to the article: “A Curious Case of the ‘New Black’: A Conversation, (Links to an external site.)” Gawker, October 2014.

Please address the following: What do you think about the concept “new black”? In relation to our course, how do you think this idea fits with the goals of black people in the African diaspora? Does the emergence of “new black” indicate that black people have achieved full citizenship? What historical changes, if any, permit the possibility of this concept? Can the “new black” apply to black people throughout the African diaspora, or just in the United States? Does race still matter in the 21st century?

Link to the Article: https://gawker.com/the-curious-case-of-the-new-black-a-conversation-1649462578

Article title: The Curious Case of the “New Black”: A Conversation

Author: Jason Parham

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