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After reading the assignment answer step 1 through step 6.

Homework part 2!

Hypothesis: Adding fertilizer to a plant makes it grow better.

  • IV:
    • Operationalization
    • Level of measurement
  • DV:
    • Operationalization
    • Level of measurement
  • Alternative/null hypothesis
    • One-sided or two-sided?
  • Which statistical tests would you use to test your hypothesis?
    • Why? Justify your response.

One-Sample t-Test – (Memory Booster)

A nutrition store in the mall is selling “Memory Booster,” which is a concoction of herbs and minerals that is intended to improve memory performance, but there is no good reason to think it couldn’t possibly do the opposite. To test the effectiveness of the herbal mix, a researcher obtains a sample of 8 participants and asks each person to take the suggested dosage each day for 4 weeks. At the end of the 4-week period, each individual takes a standardized memory test. In the general population, the standardized test is known to have a mean of μ = 7. You must show your work.


Step 1. What is the research question?


Step 2.

  1. Is it a one-tailed or two-tailed test?


  1. Hypotheses in words

Alternative hypothesis:



Null hypothesis:




Step 3. Set the significance level è a = .05   Determine tcrit. =__________


Step 4. Compute the appropriate statistical test.




















Step 5. Make a decision. Determine whether the value of the test statistic is in the critical region. Draw a picture below. Label tcrit and tobt.

Is tobt in the critical region?  Yes or No ?

Should you reject or retain the H0?



Step 6. Write a conclusion.




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