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American writer preferably. Topic is on Racial Disparities in the American Judicial System Multiple sources, must use the three I provide you with somewhere in paper. Ill provide you with the proposal so you have an idea on where to take it. Teacher wants to see a development of a root cause. Contact me with any questions.


This Critical Paper is meant to assess your larger writing, argumentative, and research skills. After having written two exploratory themes, written a proposal, identified and annotated appropriate research, and outlined this paper, you will develop this critical paper. It should have 1500+ words, use 5+ sources, and draw on 3+ sources from the college databases.

Remember, your instructor is happy to meet with you one on one and review the paper and your progress on it, especially given that this paper is the culmination of the second half of the semester in this class. It is worth 25% of your final grade.


This assignment will help you practice the following skills

  • Use Standard Written English to create well-structured sentences, paragraphs, and essays.
  • Review the writing process and use strategies to further revise and edit skills.
  • Write extensive multi-paragraph essays using argument and a variety of structural patterns considering audience and tone.
  • Write logically, critically, and analytically, synthesizing and documenting sources.
  • Read critically, learning to summarize, analyze, interpret, and evaluate relevant information from a variety of print and electronic sources, as well as from direct observation, interviews and surveys.
  • Make distinctions about the credibility, reliability, consistency, strengths, and limitations of resources but not limited to information gathered from web sites.


  1. First, complete the Pre-Writing Assignments covered in class

Annotated Bibliography – Helps you gather, evaluate, and analyze research

Proposal – Helps you identify a topic, an argument, and what support you can use

Outline – Helps you identify what points you will cover and in what order

  1. Choose one of your exploratory themes or rhetorical analyses to expand into a longer critical essay that develops and proves an argument through substantial research and persuasion.

Ask yourself questions such as

  • What topic interests me?
    • How does help me answer, “What is my role in America?”
    • What research question do I have?
    • What would be my response to that research question in a sentence or two?

You may refer here for additional help in crafting a researched argument.

  1. Begin with a clear introduction.

Start with a strong hook. End the introductory section–whether it is one paragraph or more–with a thesis. Refer to this handout for creating a strong introduction.

  1. Begin crafting your body paragraphs.

Each body paragraph should support the thesis, but avoid a “Firstly, secondly, thirdly” approach.

Instead, think of each body paragraph as adding to the answer.

Look to carefully transition between each paragraph.

Use lots of good evidence. Integrate it well, and be sure to quote, cite, and have references.

  1. Draft your essay and submit it for peer review.

Your essay for peer review should have 500 words minimum. Remember, being below this minimum significantly reduces your grade.

Be sure to use research (i.e. quote, cite, and have a reference). Some paraphrases and summaries are ok, too.

Format essay and in-text citations according to MLA or APA standards.

  1. Revise your comments based on your peer review.

Use CCAC’s Writing Commons for more help. Use SmarThinking for more help. Contact your instructor for more help. Use helpful friends and family members, too. Revise your paper and submit it by the due date.

Criteria for Success

This assignment should have

  • 1500+ words, not including a title page, abstract page, or your Works Cited/Reference list.
  • quotes from at least 5 sources, 3 of which should be from CCAC library databases.
  • proper MLA or APA formatting.
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