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In this unit, students will need to submit an essay of 1,375 words (including footnotes, excluding bibliography).

You should select ONE of the following exercises :

1. The lack of a foreseeable practical steps towards eliminating nuclear weapons is one of the most urgent threats to international peace and security. Consider yourself an official asked to :

Analyse possible avenues for solutions to advancing collaboration between ‘nuclear haves’ and ‘nuclear have-nots’ in reducing nuclear weapon threats;
And in this context, assess the potential importance of the creation of nuclear weapon free zones.

2. You are an official in a country concerned that you might face cyber threats: you are called on to write a report for your ministry:

To illustrate how cyber technology is having a global security impact with major implications for your country;
Discuss the options and potential role of diplomacy in confronting cyber security threats.

3. Human Rights issues and the doctrine of Responsibility to Protect will inevitable collide with what some countries will consider their inalienable sovereignty: discuss.

4. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals represent a massive achievement of the UN system and are the culmination of almost thirty years’ work building on the Rio Earth Summit: what made that achievement possible, and what are the risks?

  • Style: Harvard
  • Number of pages: 5 pages/double spaced (1375 words)
  • Number of source/references: 10
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