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The essay is on some aspect of Hegel’s philosophy of art. .

The paper will need:
A clear thesis.

– This sentence should appear early on in the paper so the reader knows what will happen.

– The thesis should be both provable and worth proving

– It should be clear from reading that one sentence that it is a claim that lies clearly within a discussion of Hegel’s philosophy of art

– Remember that your entire paper is centered around this and nothing else.


– Explain all core concepts, art works, and any context needed for the reader. Make sure not to assume what needs to be proven, or not to make a case for or at least an explanation of your interpretation of the text since this is exactly what many scholars argue about.


– Your aim is to be convincing. Always keep in mind a skeptical reader to ensure that you justify your premises.


– For papers on art, examples can be very important. Choose examples carefully and remember that they will do a lot of work for making the case for your claim. Thus, you’ll want to work out the example carefully (the art-work analyses are practice for this)

Focus on Hegel’s aesthetics: Lectures on fine art volume 2

  • Style: MLA
  • Number of pages: 8 pages/double spaced (2200 words)
  • Number of source/references: 3
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