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Analysis of Data
For each of the following examples, identify:
a) Variable(s)—include if variables are dependent or independent, if applicable (ten words or less).
b) Classify each variable according to the NOIR acronym (ten words or less).
c) Identify appropriate statistical test(s), besides descriptive statistics, that could address the research or clinical question (four sentences or less).

Additional instructions:
Provide the number for each case and then the letter you are answering. You will need to use sources in addition to your book to complete this assignment.

Refer to sources as needed. This is a short answer exercise and it’s not necessary to provide long answers or discuss research design at length.

You have to accurately identify variables and appropriate statistical tests when analyzing research. Be sure to cite sources used and provide a reference page.

1. The surgical intensive care unit has seen a rise in post-op infections over the past six months. You are assigned to look at possible factors impacting the number of infections. As part of this project, you’ve been asked to look at the relationship between glucose level and infection.

2. It has come to your attention as the director of nursing that patient satisfaction surveys frequently have low ratings with regard to increased noise levels in certain units. You ask the education department to educate the nursing staff about the importance of controlling noise levels. The education will be evaluated with a pre- and post-test.

3. You want to study the difference in outcomes between nurse practitioners and physicians in a clinic, using patient HgA1C levels as an outcome measure.

4. You have noticed that patients with good family support seem to have better outcomes overall. You want to see if your assumption is correct so you’ve designed a study to measure the relationship between family support and length of stay in the hospital.

5. You are an advanced practice nurse caring for patients with COPD. You want to know if there is a difference in mean hemoglobin levels among the three groups of patients, according to the area where they live. The three areas include: by a lake, by a mountain, and by a factory.

6. The number of post-op Myocardial Infarctions (MI)’s in your hospital have risen over the past 6 months. You want to find if there is a difference between your hospital’s rate of MI’s and the rate of institutions of the same size.

7. A prenatal clinic has noticed a rise in low birth weight infants. The clinic administrator would like to find out if certain prenatal behaviors might be related to low birth weight. These include hemoglobin levels, glucose levels, and blood pressure.

8. You want to evaluate the effectiveness of a handwashing campaign targeting hospital employees. A Likert-scale survey about handwashing knowledge and habits is given out before the campaign starts, one month later, and 6 months later. You want to measure the difference in survey answers at various time intervals.

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