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Cover Letter


I have been naturally drawn to the medical field due to my early exposure to health implications faced by my family members.With a family history of diabetes,cancer, and heart diseases,my passion to help create and sustain outstanding health care services began to take form.However, my aspirations of entering the pharmacy field started when I first realized that chemistry was something I enjoyed, loved, andwas good at, and when my curiosity to know theuse and the mechanism of drugs’ actionswas aroused.My ultimate goal behind my pharmacy education isto try to make significant contributions to my community through effective management, clinical operations, and delivery of health care services.

Earning a BS in pharmacy was one of my proudest accomplishments. However, I struggled for some time upon moving to the USA as a result of being an overseas graduate with no work experience.Coming from a rather humble background, I have long learned that there are no shortcuts to success, thereby, hard-work, dedication, and determination have been my best friends ever since.Besides having anRph license from Lebanon, I have a CA pharmacy tech license, and in the process of getting my Rph here in the States. Furthermore, I’ve succeeded in working as a pharmacy technician (PT) at CVS and have been workinglately as a lead tech/inventory there.  Within five years, I was able to prove myself and become a role model employee to all my coworkersat CVS.Believing in the importance of community service, I also worked as avolunteer at SAHA Health Center in Sacramento,a faith-based community health clinic that provides high-quality health care services to underserved individuals.

Being a lifelong learner is the reason behind pursuing my graduate studies. I believe that life is a

never-ending learning process that needs to be lived“as if we were to die tomorrow; and learn

from it,as if you were to live forever” (Mahatma Gandhi). Because the pharmacy field combines

pharmaceutical knowledge and business skills, my next crucial step towardsfulfilling my career

goal and dreamisworking in the clinical field,which combines research analysis, pharmaceutical experience, and business skills. For my future goal, I’m planning to earn my MBA to advance my career and education. I have faith that opportunities come to people who seek them. I’m flexible with the pay and working hrs.I would appreciate the excellent time and cooperation. Whether you considered me for a future position or not, thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter,biography, and resume.

I am highly aware of your company’soutstanding reputationas a premier institution and a competitive career institute, but I know I have the tools and the determination to excel in such a stimulating and challenging workplace.It will be an honor for me to be part of yourcommunity, and I am looking forward to your acceptance.

To whom it may concern,

I was born on November 23, 1988, and raised in a traditional household in Tyre, Lebanon. I come from a middle-class family where all its members are college graduates. My father is a physiotherapist. My mother is a teacher and coordinator. She pursued her Ed.D at Sac State. Being very family-oriented, my mom is my role model in her dedication and in being a lifelong learner. She is behind my passion for learning. I’m the second child in the family. I have one elder sister and two younger brothers. My sister is a registered nurse and a master student at CSUS, and my two younger brothers are engineers; one is electromechanical, and the other is electrical.

I’ve reached where I am today with hard work, dedication, and a strong will and determination to make a change. I believe in diversity, educational equity, and social justice have always been very dedicated when trying to achieve my goals. I never let obstacles get in my way and keep working towards achieving my dreams. My future is bright as long as I keep strong faith and remember what is truly important in life.Like most people, I have dreams and goals for the future; however, my journey in life was not easy because, as Mandela had said once, “after climbing a hill, there are many more hills to climb” (Barret, 2014, p.55).

Surviving three wars in Lebanon is an achievement in itself because my family and I had to migrate from place to place for safety under bomb shelling and a shower of bullets many times. At the same time, we had to get along with our lives as if nothing happened because life doesn’t stop. Myother great achievement is earning a BS in pharmacy from Lebanon.Besides having anRph license from Lebanon, I have a CA pharmacy tech license, and in the process of getting my Rph here in the States

I also have five years of experience at CVS as a lead technician/inventory specialist. Having a multicultural background has shaped my personality and helped me adapt the communication skills and methods needed to deal with people of different intellectual, cultural and physical backgrounds. Besides being a bilingual, an active listener and a problem solver, I am also a good team player who likes leading by example. Throughout my journey at CVS, I had good work ethics and attitude. I’ve proven myself through my hard work, integrity, dedication, excellent communication skills, and customer service.

For my future goal, I’m planningto earn my MBA to advance my career and education. Whether you considered me for a future position or not, thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter,biography, and resume.

References are available upon request.


Hadeel Jahami

Hadeel Jahami





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