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Correctional System Analysis

The U.S. correctional system can serve two specific functions in relation to criminal offenders. First, it can serve as a tool for punishing the offender and making the offender pay for his or her crimes. Second, it can serve as a means to rehabilitating the offender and preparing him or her for successful reentry into society.

Write a 700–1,050-word essay answering the following questions:

How does the correctional system punish offenders?
How does the correctional system rehabilitate offenders?
Which method is more effective in reducing crime?
Research a method for punishing or rehabilitating offenders.
Use the literature and propose a solution or adjustment to the methods of punishment or rehabilitation.
Your paper must follow this format:

Page 1 – Cover/title page
Pages 2, 3, and 4 – Body of text
Page 5 – Reference page (List at least three sources on your reference page. Cite your sources.)
List at least three sources on your reference page.

This assignment requires research to substantiate your findings. Use at least three references for this paper. You are required to access the Library for at least one of your references. Another reference can be your text from this class, and the third reference can come from an acceptable online academic resource. Discuss how you evaluated the credibility of the resources used.

Note: Wikipedia (and any of its related websites) is not an acceptable academic resource and may not be used for this paper.

Format your work consistent with APA formatting.

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