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Rationale: Use McKenzie’s Chapter 2 to assist you with this assignment. Write a rationale for beginning a new community-based program. Please choose a population and topic that you are interested in working with in the future. Rationale is the first step in designing a comprehensive program which includes following steps: program needs assessment, program proposal, evaluation and timeline and logic model. Rationale should include following components:

1. Title 2. Identify Background Information 3. Include economic cost of the problem 4. Create a problem statement-why is it a problem and how it should be dealt with 5. Propose a health promotion program 6. State what can be gained from such a program, in terms of values and benefits to the decision makers 7. State why the program will be successful 8. Reference list.

II. Program Needs Assessment: Identify and describe data that describes the health problem and needs of the community. Characterize and define the health problem. Use incidence and prevalence to assist with demonstrating the magnitude of the problem, identify the dynamics that lead to the problem, and discuss attitudes and behaviors of the population that influence the problem. Describe the health facilities (e.g. community centers), current programs that are attempting to address the problem, and other factors that influence the health problem and modifiable behaviors in the community. You will have to familiarize yourself with area and identify possible stakeholders. Use this assessment to get a broad and deep understanding of the sources and environment in your community as it is related to the health problem. Look at the built environment and social environment as it relates to your health problem and target population.

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