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My Selected Sector: Food Manufacturing (Australian)

In particular, here is what you are expected to do:
1) Discuss the rationale and the theoretical underpinnings of the Carbon Tax and the Direct Action Plan. Compare them and their expected effects.

2) Choose a sector They have to be Australian due to the focus on comparing the two types of Australian climate change policies. —- (My Selected Sector is Food Manufacturing)!!

3) Carefully discuss the predicted climate change impacts of both the Carbon Tax and the Direct Action Plan in Australia on your chosen sector.

4) Identify various risks and opportunities for the chosen sector in a carbon-constrained world, i.e. the threats climate change is posing on your company/sector, and the potential ways that the company/sector could take advantage of the developments.

5) Based on your own research and understanding, outline appropriate adaptation strategies, and justify them. You are expected to draw some conclusions, policy recommendations, suggestions for improvement, etc.

Example Structutre:
– Title page
– Introduction, aim, the structure of the essay
– Overview of the sector
– Predicted climate impacts on the case
– Impacts of carbon policies (Carbon tax, Direct Action, and importantly, their comparison using your own research, your own thinking, and your own words)
– Risks and opportunities in a carbon constrained world
– Adaptation strategies
– Conclusions and recommendations, again using your own thinking and words
– Reference List (10 min)
– Appendices (if any)

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