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Vaping Assignment

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We learned in Unit 1 that scientific-based governmental policies and laws require scientific facts, economic facts, and some sort of value and ethical aspects.  Let’s look at the topic of vaping and briefly think about what would be needed if one was to decide to illegalize it. Answer the 5 questions below.


  1. To learn about vaping, watch the ~2 min video at:
  2. Read the article and watch the ~7 min video at:


  1. Did you know that there have been thousands of people hospitalized due illnesses related to vaping and that people have even died? This is a yes/no question.
  1. What 3scientific fact(s)about vaping stands out from the resources that are important in deciding whether vaping should be illegal? These can be health-related facts or chemical facts or results from experiments.
  1. Based on this tax informationon the 2nd page, what would happen if vaping products are no longer sold legally in the state of PA? Can you think of any other economic “facts” related to this issue?
  1. What are ethical issues related to vaping? Describe at least 2.
  1. Given the information presented and your own knowledge, what is your opinion about whether vaping should become illegal and why do you have this opinion?
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