Quantitative Methods- Hypothesis Testing Assignment | Online Assignment Help

Research Question:
Task 1:
Ask female students and male students this questions:
“Is there a preference for the red, blue, and yellow color?”
Test at two appropriate significance levels and comment on your findings. Specify the test statistic you use and its distribution under the null hypothesis. (This can be done as a female/male chi-square test.)
Task 2:
You work for a market research company and your manager has asked you to carry out a random sample survey for a mobile phone company to identify whether a recently launched mobile phone is attractive to people over 40 years old. Limited time and money resources are available at your
disposal. You are being asked to prepare a brief summary.Task 1: (30 Marks)
Show all necessary workings (use Excel) and convert it to word. Prepare a report in MS Word. Include Table.

Task 2: (10 Marks)
No actual calculations are required. Prepare summary in MS Word.
Just explain how you would design the survey.

Please include Subheadings.

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