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Topic: Article review for “Data Privacy Rules Are Changing”


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Article Review The field of Data Science and analytics is ever changing and evolving. Staying current in this space will take more than just completing the content in this course. To support your overall knowledge and understanding of data and analytics you will complete 7 article reviews. The selection of articles is up to you. However, some references are available to you here in Blackboard. Path to Full Credit (Grading): 1-2 pages double spaced with clearly-labeled sections, including: Summary of the article and what it was discussing – 50% of your grade. Reaction – 40% of your grade. Your reaction may include any combination of the following (as appropriate for the article you have chosen): what you learned from the article what you believe the article got right, and why what you think the article got wrong, and why NOTE: When stating your reasoning, the more you can cite something in the required course materials that backs up your statements, the higher your grade will be. Statement saying, “I disagree…” without support will not received credit. Style This includes following APA formatting, citations of article and related resources, conventions (grammar, punctuation and spelling) – 10% of your grade. Please use the following article for the review:

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