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Please provide one reference for each question.

Managerial accounting questions

Managers often assume a strictly linear relationship between cost and volume. How can this practice be defended in light of the fact that many costs are curvilinear?

Provide two reasons why overhead might be under applied in a given year.

If fixed manufacturing overhead costs are released from inventory under absorption costing, what does this tell you about the level of production in relation to the level of sales?

Airlines sometimes offer reduced rates during certain times of the week to members of a businessperson’s family if they accompany him or her on trips. How does the concept of relevant costs enter into the decision by the airline to offer reduced rates of this type?

“The principal purpose of the cash budget is to see how much cash the company will have in the bank at the end of the year.” Do you agree? Explain.

Project management

Describe project schedule.
Describe strategies to avoid project challenges.
Describe regulatory issues, human resource issues, and government issues in project management and operations.
what is Project Life Cycle?
How is Project Life Cycle important to Operations and Project Management?
How do teams and working groups add value to operations and project management?
What is risk assessment in Operations and Project Management?

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