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First, read “Introduction and Chap. 1” from Lothar Ledderose, Ten Thousand Things: Module and Mass Production in China (Princeton Univ. Press, 2004). File ledderose_intro_and chapter 1.pdf. Focus on his argument and the role of modularity and modules in Chinese Script. Summarize Ledderose’s argument in a few sentences, and remember to include what module and modularity is. How does the first chapter relate to what he writes in his introduction?

Second, read David Keightley, “Origins of Writing in China,” 1990. The first thing I recommend is skimming the article and skimming all the images. Keightley’s argument is recapitulated in the first two pages and on pages 194-198. In your notes, write what is his argument? What factors does he use to make his argument? Please include it in the typed reading notes you hand in.

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