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1. Discuss each of the following and why they are significant:

a) The bankruptcy of Louis XVI

b) The Tennis Court Oath

c) The Storming of the Bastille

2. Discuss why the French Revolution became more extreme from its beginnings in 1789 to the fall of the Jacobins in 1794. What domestic and foreign issues seemed to be making it impossible for the Revolution to stabilize with any single government.

3. Discuss the role that religious issues played in the French Revolution and into the Napoleonic period. In what ways did this shape the direction of the Revolution and how did Napoleon address the problem

4. Discuss the ways in which Napoleon transformed the French nation in terms of politics, economics, etc. and addressed many of the issues that emerged out of the French Revolution.

5. Discuss the rise and fall of the Napoleon’s Empire and the impact of this empire on the rest of Europe.

Details About paper:
Outside reading is neither expected nor required, but it is absolutely acceptable if you think it can help you. If you should look at other materials in order to better understand the subject, you must NOT PLAGIARIZE by taking that material and cutting and pasting it into your answer. Another form of plagiarism is to take someone else’s writings and make small modification, changing a word here or there, for example, and then presenting it as your own. Both forms of plagiarism will result in immediate failure for the course. Any outside reading is to enhance your understanding, but then you must explain what you learned in your own words. Also, taking the exact words that I use in the lecture and presenting it was your own is also unacceptable. Always make sure to answer using your sentence structure and vocabulary, rather than someone else’s.

Here are the links for the three lectures. When the presentation first opens up on your browser, you’ll have to press “Play” and after I’m done talking on a specific slide, you’ll have to manually advance to the next.

Lecture One – The Causes and Early Stages of the French Revolution

Lecture Two – The Revolution Continues

Lecture Three – Napoleon

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