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This paper I need is the Literature Review of my master’s dissertation. The objectives and aim of the study are on the file I have submitted.

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1.Title or topic area of proposed study

An exploration of consumer perceptions regarding organic products, as a comparison between the UK and Spain.

2. What is the aim of the study?

To explore how consumers perceive organic products in both the UK and Spain in order to make an informed comparison.

3. What are the objectives of your study? (there should normally be at least 3 or 4 objectives and these should be SMART)
1.    To examine the current literature on organic products and changing consumers perceptions of ecological consumption.

2.    Collect perspectives from consumers both in the UK and in Spain, based on the gap in literature identified.

3.    Critically evaluate the results from the primary research in relation to the literature, in order to discover what implications there are for companies in the UK and Spain and make an informed comparison of the two.

4.    Evaluate the overall project to make appropriate recommendations for companies both in Spain and the UK, in order to better suit the needs of consumers in each country.

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