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Research on the following 19 topics, use who, what, when, where, and why, when doing the research, 5 sentences for each is good, make sure to write all the sources used there can be more than 8 sources as long as they’re more than 8 we’re good. Thanks.

● Red China
● North Korea
● Panmunjom
● Santayana
● Communist Bloc
● Bien Bien Phu Falls
● Peter Pan
● Princess Grace
● Bridge On The River Kwai
● Stark weather homicide
● Space Monkey
● Belgians in the Congo
● Bay of Pigs Invasion
● British Beatlemania
● Pope Paul
● Birth Control
● Terror on the airline
● Heavy Metal Suicide
● Hypodermics on the shore
Use 8 different sources , can be one of them.
WHERE, and WHY when researching on all of the topics.
(importance, significance, connection) write the resources used next to each topic, if you
used for red china, peter pan and birth control PASTE THE LINK OF THE
SOURCE NEXT TO THEM , remember 8 sources are needed.

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