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You will select a nursing theory a potential framework for dissertation testing. You will analyze the selected theory from a biblical worldview and how it applies to your phenomenon of interest.
****Nursing Theory Selected: Hildegard Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations
****Phenomenon of Interest: Managing Substance Abuse in Youth Population

The paper MUST include the following sections:
1. Abstract
2. Theory Description
A. Philosophical underpinnings
B. Theory propositions
C. Major concepts
3. Application of the theory to your dissertation topic
A. Explain how the theory applies to the phenomenon of interest
B. Provide a depiction of the theory from the literature – make sure to cite in proper APA formatting.
C. Describe how the theory will serve as a guide for your study
i. How the concepts will be incorporated into your research questions
ii. Write draft questions that include theoretical concepts.
D. Describe how you will integrate your Christian worldview into your dissertation.
4. Evaluate the theory
A. Evaluate the theory according to Fawcett’s (2005) Criteria for Evaluation of Nursing Theories.
B. Address each of the criteria and its application to the theory
5. Conclusion
The paper must be at least 13 pages, excluding the title, abstract, and reference page with at least 8-10 references

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